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Days are perfected when industry-leading innovation, unmatched versatility, can’t-miss performance, and American-made craftsmanship are matched with beautiful sunsets, good times, and even better people.Wait no longer for active days on the water — the all-new Malibu 21 LX-r is a ready-to-go surf & wake boat, offering everything you need for perfect days on the water for under $100K. Find your local boat show to experience the 21 LX-r in person and find your Truth On The Water.Comfort, convenience, luxury and technology are all important elements in a surf boat, but the single most important element is performance. And Malibu has that in spades. It all starts with Surf Gate, Malibu’s patented wakesurf technology that allows you to create a wave on either side of the boat with the touch of a button. You don’t have to displace crew and move weight from side to side, Surf Gate allows you to generate a world-class wave on either side with the boat while staying evenly weighted.

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