Oyster Yachts For Sale


The brand Oyster produces center cockpit sailboats, luxury sailing yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 6 models currently in production ranging from 16 to 28 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Oyster and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Story of Oyster Yachts

Since its inception in 1973 by Sir Richard Matthews, the brand has been a beacon of innovation and quality in yachting. With a humble beginning marked by the creation of the cruiser-racer UFO2Oyster Yachts set on a journey that would define the next five decades of excellence in yacht craftsmanship.

In 1980, Oyster unveiled the Oyster HP46, a vessel that introduced the world to the iconic deck saloon, a hallmark of Oyster Yachts’ design philosophy. This pioneering approach to yacht construction became the cornerstone of the brand’s identity.

Oyster Yachts further expanded its portfolio to include models like the Oyster 406, 435, 53, and 55, all renowned for their exceptional build quality and interior features tailored for bluewater cruising. Collaborating with renowned yacht designer Stephen Jones, Oyster Yachts also ventured into the world of high-performance racing with models like the Oyster SJ35, SJ41, and SJ43, earning acclaim by winning prestigious races.

In 1984, Oyster introduced the Oyster Brokerage, a service that remains vital to this day, assisting boat owners in upgrading to new models. The global reach of Oyster Yachts earned it the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export in 1990.

A pivotal moment came in 1999 when Oyster commissioned naval architect Rob Humphreys to design the Oyster 56. This partnership led to unprecedented success, with over 75 hulls of the Oyster 56 sold. Rob Humphreys and his team have since designed 17 models, including the Oyster 46, 54, 575, 655, and 72.

In 2018, Oyster Yachts entered a new era under the ownership of Richard Hadida.

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Current status

Today, the brand offers a comprehensive customer journey, encompassing sales, build, and a range of services including charter, brokerage, aftersales, crew, and maintenance. Their commitment to excellence extends to running their own events, such as the prestigious Oyster World Rally.

The Oyster World Rally, which witnessed great success in 2017 and 2022, continues to captivate Oyster owners and enthusiasts. Recent years have also seen an emphasis on private viewings, round-the-world launch tours, and cutting-edge use of digital and video assets to showcase Oyster’s range and performance to a global audience.

Production of Oyster Yachts

Production of Oyster Yachts has evolved, with in-house construction facilities in Norfolk and Southampton, ensuring the highest standards are maintained. Hythe Marine Park, a state-of-the-art production facility, was introduced in 2021, reflecting Oyster’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Oyster Yachts fleet

The Oyster Yachts fleet features iconic models like the Oyster 885 and 625, instantly recognizable by Oyster’s signature seascape windows. These vessels incorporate innovative design features that make them ideal for long-distance bluewater cruising. The Oyster 495, a testament to Oyster’s commitment to excellence, recently earned the prestigious title of the 2023 European Yacht of the Year.


Innovations introduced by Oyster, such as twin rudders, a plumb bow, sleek tinted wrap-around deck saloon windows, a protected cockpit, and flush decks, pushed the boundaries of yacht design. Internally, cutting-edge technology, including Oyster’s connectivity, IT, and control systems like ‘Oyster Command,’ became standard, enhancing the onboard experience.

In the words of Richard Hadida, Owner and Chairman of Oyster Yachts, “Oyster’s achievements are too numerous to mention. But one thing is certain, our reputation is built as much on our quality of build as it is on special memories and life-changing experiences of the owners.”