Hurricane Boats For Sale

Hurricane® boats are a guaranteed upgrade for your weekend water adventures. Built with excellent speed and easy handling, Hurricane boats will make the most out of your outdoor deck boat experience. Visit our Hurricane boat dealership in Bayville, NJ, and near Philadelphia, PA, and browse our Hurricane boats today!
,One of the first companies to truly embrace the deckboat concept, Hurricane now offers nearly 40 variations on the theme, from the expansive SunDeck series to the Sundeck Sport and pontoon-influenced FunDeck. All retain the key deckboat attribute of a wide and open bow area, maximizing passenger space and comfort, while offering the on-water benefits of a performance-minded, modified-V hull below. The result is a fun, stable, functional boat that can satisfy almost any desire, from cruising to skiing to fishing.Some of the most iconic Hurricane models currently listed include: SunDeck 187 OB, SunDeck 2690 OB, SunDeck Sport 185 OB, SunDeck 235 OB and SunDeck 2400 OB. Various Hurricane models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1990 year models up to 2024.

There are presently 181 yachts for sale on YachtWorld for Hurricane. This assortment encompasses 91 brand-new vessels and 90 pre-owned yachts, all of which are listed by knowledgeable yacht brokers predominantly in United States and Spain. Models currently listed on YachtWorld range in size and length from 11 feet to 27 feet.

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About Hurricane Boats
Hurricane boats are an ideal choice for anyone! Whether you want to tow your kids behind your boat on an inner tube or enjoy a relaxing excursion around the bay, these models deliver the performance you need. Keep reading to learn more, then visit New Jersey Outboards to see a range of models for sale. We proudly serve those in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Models
It’s easy to find the perfect family boat when you shop Hurricane. They offer four main model lines tailored to different water adventure needs. The SunDeck and SunDeck Sport are ideal for delivering adrenaline rushes to thrill seekers. They are great for tubing, skiing, and other sports activities out on the water. The FunDeck is a pontoon model offering the performance you need for an engaging cruise around the bay. The Center Console offers the comfort and features you need for an epic fishing trip.

The Hurricane Performance
Whatever model you pick, you’ll enjoy an exceptional time on the water. The unique hull design provides all the stability you need for a smooth riding experience, which is especially important for fishing and touring the waterways. You’ll have no problem navigating shallower waters thanks to the shallow draft hull. This design also creates a manageable wake to improve the experience of waterskiers. The wide-body frame helps ensure you get plenty of space for your passengers to spread out and relax. To help promote safety, Hurricane boats are also designed with hull foam flotation and self-bailing decks.

Construction of Hurricane Boats
Part of what sets Hurricane boats apart is their innovative design. The high-quality gel coats and resins are selected for their ability to shield your ship from the hazards of the water. They provide sturdy protection to limit blistering and hull cracking. This not only helps cut down on costly repairs, but it also helps your boat look brand-new for much longer.

Urethane foam flotation is added throughout the models to provide a range of benefits from sound dampening to water absorption. The materials are so effective at keeping the boat in top shape that you’ll enjoy a 10-year structural warranty on the hull.

Since you’re likely going to want to add accessories, Hurricane boats are made with NextWave electrical systems. These are corrosion-resistant and watertight for a hassle-free experience.

Hurricane Boats For Sale,Hurricane Boats For Sale,Hurricane Boats For Sale,Hurricane Boats For Sale,