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Westport Yachts is the largest yacht manufacturer in North America. The shipyard is continuously raising the level and standards of what a superyacht can and ought to be.

New Westport yachts for sale are engineered, designed, and hand-made in the USA, making them great for individuals who appreciate the finer and high-quality things in life. With their sleek lines, top-of-the-line amenities, and unmistakable elegance, these vessels will turn heads when cruising the open seas.

Westport also has a strong legacy spanning over five decades, making its name well-known in the industry. Innovation inhabits every part of these decadent, luxurious private cruise ships from the unique design to high-quality artistry, prestigious accommodations, superior performance, and the ability to sail on the water flawlessly.

New and used Westport yachts have remarkable structural integrity as they are manufactured by world-renowned marine architects; and with the Pacific Northwest’s harsh conditions in mind. The company uses advanced composite construction and best-in-class technology to ensure ultimate comfort and safety. Its skilled workforce gives unmatched attention to the distinct details of every new Westport yacht they make.

Also, the Westport team comprises industry veterans who boast decades of experience. Their work’s quality has become a trademark of the Westport brand and the assurance of a perfectly built yacht.

Westport yachts are available in different sizes and styles, allowing you to choose one that best fits your needs. The smallest models are 52 feet long, whereas the largest Westport yacht is 172 feet. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway yacht or a luxurious cruise liner that can accommodate your entire extended family, a Westport yacht can be excellent.The Westport shipyard builds some of the most popular models of luxury yachts for sale and charter on the market. From the popular W 172 and W 164 models, down to the W 112, Westport yachts are known as comfortable, safe vessels with classic American design and superior build quality. Within the Westport shipyard family, three different yacht builders focus on advanced technology; these shipyards include Westport Shipyard, Port Angeles Shipyard and Hoquiam Shipyard — all located in Washington. The Westport yacht sales office is in Fort  Fort Myers, FL. Built exclusively with lighter weight fiberglass composite construction, Westport makes faster and more fuel-efficient yachts. In addition to its non-corrosive construction requiring less maintenance, Westport yachts are known to exhibit increased sound reduction and first-rate thermal insulation properties for maximum comfort and performance. Search Westport boats for sale or contact a Northrop and Johnson broker to help find or build the yacht of your dreams.



Westport Superyacht Pedigree

When building a new superyacht, Westport is a yacht builder who follows an extensive and detailed development process where new designs must meet specific design, engineering and performance standards. The American shipyard’s commitment to precision build quality results in blueprinted superyacht models and wildly popular yachts for sale.

“The most popular Westport series of yachts for sale include the 164-foot (50m) range, which was launched in 2006,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Wes Sanford. “The Donald Starkey designed tri-deck motor yacht accommodates up to 12 guests and is the perfect superyacht for those looking for a yacht with exceptional features, ample deck space, plenty of storage space and a fantastic accommodation layout.”

Due to their large range of superyachts for sale and charter, we have a team of Westport yacht brokers standing by to help deliver the most suitable yacht to meet your requirements.  For more information on Westport yachts for sale or charter, contact a Northrop & Johnson yacht broker today.

Westport Yachts are Designed, Engineered, and Hand-Built in the United States of America.

Yachting Heritage

Westport is the largest yacht and boat builder in North America and is recognized as a leader among American superyacht builders. With a heritage steeped in the shipbuilding traditions of the Pacific Northwest, Westport was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of commercial vessels designed to meet the needs of fishing fleets. Delivering its first commercial vessel in 1965, Westport Yachts has built and launched a wide variety of vessels, ranging from commercial fishing boats and fast passenger ferries to luxurious motor yachts. Westport was a pioneer in the use of composite materials in yacht and commercial construction and are renowned for pioneering series-built composite yachts for sale. All Westport yachts have been designed, engineered and crafted by hand in the US; the company’s commitment to quality design and engineering has resulted in the completion of more than 200 commercial vessels.

Consult a Northrop & Johnson yacht broker to get more information on the best new and used Westport yachts for sale on the market or to charter a Westport yacht. Experience all the pleasures that a Westport yacht delivers, and schedule your next showing with Northrop & Johnson today.

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