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Browse our featured listings of new and pre-owned luxury yachts for sale from Allied Marine. We offer boats as short as 29′ up to 145′ in length. Whether you are seasoned in yachting or a first-time buyer, we have the perfect yacht for you. Use our built-in tool to search for your dream yacht using filters such as price, length, year, and manufacturer.

Wally. 20 years ahead.

Wally stands for avant-garde, restless development, and the conviction that form should follow function. 

Since 1994, these principles have spurred us to create some of the most emblematic yachts afloat. Our only rule is that there are no rules. masterpieces predominantly built in carbon fiber. We introduced carbon in the yachting sector, and our skill with it is still unmatched.

From our first award-winning ketch Nariida, push-button sail handling has been another key feature. Then, when we introduced Magic Trim, we changed the face of yachting forever. Suddenly, large sailing boats were fun again. Wally’s style is equally unique, thanks to visionary founder Luca Bassani. Deceptively simple, clean lines are allied to taught, performance-driven naval architecture.

Every yacht we build is a sophisticated work of art, inside and out. You will never mistake a Wally for anything else.

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