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Sanlorenzo Yachts

Since 1958 the Sanlorenzo shipyards have been producing luxury motor yachts, the result of a combination of craftsmanship, design and advanced technologies, made-to-measure according to the owner’s specific requests.

Under the direction of Mr. Massimo Perotti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sanlorenzo, the shipyard has gone through a period of extraordinary growth, successfully implementing numerous completely unprecedented concepts that have profoundly changed the yachting world.

This unique, innovative approach has led the company to bond with the world of design and art: it is global partner of Art Basel for the annual events in Hong Kong, in Basel and Miami Beach and since 2020 became the Institutional Patron of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. In this cross journey, Sanlorenzo created Sanlorenzo Arts, an active and interactive channel for projects connected with these two worlds. In 2022 Sanlorenzo is main sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition in Venice.

The Sanlorenzo shipyard is a boutique firm in the yachting world, building only a limited number of made-to-measure planing, semi-displacement, and full displacement yachts per year. A Sanlorenzo yacht has unmatched craftsmanship, the latest technology, stunning naval architecture, incredible build quality, and luxurious on-deck amenities that offer unparalleled levels of luxury.

High-end Italian design houses like Boffi, Artemide, and Minotti were enlisted to design and furnish the interiors of Sanlorenzo boats, making them some of the most sought-after superyachts in the world.

In fact, Italian luxury brands create prototypes solely for the Sanlorenzo yacht line achieving a level of custom-made boats you won’t see anywhere else. This shipyard focuses on timeless values and develops designs and styles that become classics and ultimately outlive fashion and trends.

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Who owns the Sanlorenzo shipyard?

The Sanlorenzo shipyard was founded in 1958 by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia, who opened the first shipyard near Florence, Italy. In 1972 the shipyard was taken over by Giovanni Jannetti, who launched the first fiberglass hull boat in 1985 and moved the headquarters to Ameglia in 1999. Massimo Perotti, the current Executive Chairman, took the baton in 2005. Since the shipyard was established, their yachts were made-to-measure, and Sanlorenzo still only builds about 30 luxury yachts each year, ensuring the most exacting attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship that have become the hallmarks of a Sanlorenzo boat.

Sanlorenzo has recently returned to being 100% Italian-owned. Chairman Massimo Perotti bought back 23% of the yard’s shares from the Chinese company Sundiro Holding. The shares were originally sold in 2013 to safeguard the Italian company against the financial crisis while, at the same time, developing the Chinese market for luxury yachts under 20 meters.

The Sanlorenzo yacht building approach

Sanlorenzo has crafted tailor-made motor yachts for over 60 years. This shipyard respects the style and needs of its owners, and they place a huge emphasis on learning exactly what their customer’s needs are to ensure the perfect yacht. This unique approach to the design process allows the Sanlorenzo shipyard to develop a yacht design based on a plan the customer approves of. The project identifies the number, size, and types of cabins as well as all onboard amenities, including the interior and exterior designs. During this process, special-purpose areas are assigned where the sole function is to satisfy the customer’s specific entertainment, relaxation, or fun needs.

What does it mean to own a Sanlorenzo yacht?

Owning a Sanlorenzo yacht means joining an exclusive club of Owners who demand only the finest Italian made-to-measure boats crafted to the highest standards. Buying a Sanlorenzo superyacht means getting to pick the building materials for your boat. This choice includes things like the marble slabs and the type of wood used in addition to the cladding and covering materials.

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