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The brand Prestige Yachts produces enclosed yachts, flybridge yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 13 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 22 meters. The current model range includes 4 lines: F-Line, M-Line, S-Line and X-Line. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Prestige Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Prestige Yachts is one of those rare and special brands that seems to have retained its focus since day one. Launched by Jeanneau in 1989, in close collaboration with the Beneteau Group’s favoured creative agency, Garroni Design, its first foray into the luxury yacht market involved a mid-sized cruiser called the Prestige 41. It immediately differentiated itself by means of the freshness of its design, the quality of its materials and (notwithstanding the often garish tastes of the era) its classy commitment to elegance without too much in the way of ostentation.

In spite of its success, the rate of early development at Prestige remained steady and measured. For instance, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that it would launch its first flybridge motor yacht in the form of the Prestige 36. And it wasn’t until 2010 that it would venture up into the world of larger luxury yachts with the Prestige 60. But when it did make its move, it did so decisively with a new production facility at Les Herbiers in France, as well as new premises in Monfalcone, Italy, which was specifically designed to cater for the construction needs of Prestige’s big yachts division.

In 2014, that enabled it to introduce the game-changing 750, a distinctly premium motor yacht that was ahead of its time in a lot of ways – not least in its echoing of some of the key superyacht traits we’ve come to take for granted. There was an early example of an aft galley that opened out onto the external cockpit and there was also a main deck master suite – at that point, virtually unheard of at anything below 100 feet. It won all kinds of awards, both on the World and European stage and it helped set the scene for Prestige to push on again with even more vigour.



History of Prestige Yachts

The Prestige brand was born in 1989 within the Jeanneau company and marked the beginning of a new direction in motor cruising yachts for this company, which until then had been producing sailing yachts. With Garroni Design‘s participation, the first Prestige 41 showed a modern style, good seaworthiness and attracted many new clients. In 1995, together with its parent company, the Prestige brand joined the group Beneteau. In 2000, the company launched the production of the Prestige 36 flybridge model, which was a significant success on the market and thus motivated the company to open a new production facility of 22 thousand square meters in Les Erbes, near Nantes. In 2010, Prestige became an independent brand within the Beneteau Group. At the same time the company entered the market for larger yachts with the Prestige 60 model, complete with IPS speakers with pulling screws. The model was recognized as the European Powerboat of the Year and was an unprecedented success, including in China, where 20 yachts were sold in 5 years. The Prestige 750, launched on a new site in Montfalcon, Italy, was named the European Boat of the Year in 2015, and a year later the Motorboat of the Year title was given to the Prestige 680.

Prestige is a yacht builder that currently has 430 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 151 new vessels and 279 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, France, Spain, Hong Kong and Netherlands. Models currently listed on YachtWorld vary in size and length from 37 feet to 75 feet.

Type of yachts by Prestige
This boat builder presents a variety of hull types: semi-displacement, deep vee, planing, modified vee and monohull. These hull variations are commonly employed for cherished and time-honored boating pursuits like overnight cruising. Prestige equips models listed with inboard, inboard/outboard, v-drive, outboard and other drive power options, available with diesel, gas and other propulsion systems.

Sought-after for their Motor Yachts, Flybridge, Cruiser, Power Catamaran and Express Cruiser, the Prestige boats listed generally have a greater draft and exceedingly wide beam, characteristics that make them popular and favorable for overnight cruising.

How much do Prestige boats cost?
Prestige boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a variety of prices from $196,119 on the lower-cost segment, with costs up to $5,266,910 for the most advanced and biggest yachts.

What Prestige model is the best?
Some of the most iconic Prestige models now listed include: 520, 460, 420, 590 and 500. Prestige models are available through yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages on YachtWorld. The listings encompass a range of years, starting from 2003 models up to 2025.

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