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Strength of Legend. Spirit of Adventure. Since 1967, MAKO boats have provided saltwater anglers and their families rugged, fishing-featured and comfortable inshore and offshore fishing boats for any coastal adventure. From saltwater flats to the deep sea MAKO boats will get you to the fish and back with confidence.

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Bluewater captains have no illusions about the ocean, and they demand a boat that will safely take them and their crew to the fish and back with confidence. MAKO® has been building quality boats that are loved by their owners for more than 50 years. From an agile 15′ skiff to a magnificent 41′ offshore explorer, there’s a boat for everyone in the MAKO fleet. So whether your game is stalking reds in skinny grass flats, chasing sailfish past the Gulf Stream, or just cruising the coast with family and friends, MAKO can take you there.

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MAKO® Boats makes it easier than ever to run with the shark by employing an industry-exclusive NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing policy. From our brochures to our websites to ads to our showrooms, you’ll find our nationally published prices remain the same everywhere, every day. 

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