Lund Boats For Sale

Founded in 1948, Lund® has been producing aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats for generations in the heart of lake Lund manufactures a robust line of aluminum and fiberglass fishing, sport, utility and hunting boats.
Lund leads with innovation in boat manufacturing, from double-riveted seams to hydrodynamically optimized hulls, resulting in boats that exceed the demands of the most dedicated anglers. These boats are built to withstand the rigors of extreme environments, from the white-capped waters of the north to the massive reservoirs of the south.
Today, Lund boats keep pace with advancing technology while honoring the traditions of a past which has made the name universally respected among fishermen and their families,Lund Boats Company stands for more than 70 years of outstanding quality in the world of fishing boats. Through the years they build up a representative reputation. Quality and Durability is what count for Lund Fishing boats. The history of Lund…

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