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Created in 1976 by Jean-François Fountaine, the Fountaine Pajot shipyard first became popular with the arrival of the 420, 470 and 505, quickly followed by the half-tonners for which the brand became famous in the racing world. In 1983, the brand’s first sail cruising catamaran, the Louisiane 37, is a commercial success. Between 1990 and 1997, Fountaine Pajot keeps on innovating to enhance usability, comfort and aesthetics. The brand reached its peak in the early 80’s with the success of the Bahia 46, Fountaine Pajot’s hallmark of excellence. In 1998, the shipyard establishes itself in the power cruising catamaran market with the success of the Maryland 37 and the Greenland 34. In 2012, the brand launched its “Eco-cruising” concept by incorporating renewable energy sources on its models. Nowadays, the Fountaine Pajot name is associated with eco-friendly, spacious, comfortable cruising catamarans.


Widen Your Horizons

Explore an ocean of new possibilities with the power, space and sophistication of a Fountaine Pajot motor yacht. Delivering outstanding performance at sea, our range features magnificent panoramic views from their luminescent interiors, exceptional fuel efficiency, impressive power and world-class safety. Step onboard and experience the exhilaration of power meeting beauty.

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Dive deep into the Fountaine Pajot experience through testimonials, news, webcasts, podcasts, press reviews, photo and video reports… Together, let’s redefine the parameters of Motor Yacht cruising!

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